Bailey (aka: Amy) Morkie

Bailey (aka: Amy)

sorry this it late, my updates were not able to load. after 7 years of asking for a dog my parents finally gave in. i searched for a long time until i came a cross your site. i looked through your puppies and was hesitant to choose one until i saw my Bailey or formerly known as Amy. It was love at first sight!her arrival date was June 24TH and let me say the best early birthday present ever! she is perfect and i could not have hoped for anything better. We love her so much and now could not imagine our lives without her. she the most beautiful dog and has the most wonderful-est character. Thank you so much :)

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CavaPoo puppies for sale in Ohio, Buy or adopt Cava Poo puppies

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  • Teacup-Hershey

    Cava Poo

    Teacup Hershey our Tiny Female Cava Poo!!!! Hershey is very small for a malti poo. One look at her face and there is on turning back. She is all up to date on shots & ready to go! Shipping Is $275 To Anywhere In The US, Or $50 For Local Pickup Fee In Central Ohio. Please Call With Any Questions ... [more info]

    Teacup Hershey our Tiny Female Malti Poo!!!!
    8 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 6-11 lbs


    Teacup Hershey our Tiny Female Malti Poo!!!! - 8 week old Cava Poo
  • Ruby

    Cava Poo

    Ruby is our CAVA POO PUPPY FOR ADOPTION NEAR AKRON OHIO!!!! Ruby is always smiling and wagging her tail. She enjoys sitting out by the pool with all her puppy friends. She is all up to date on her shots and ready to go! Shipping is $275 to anywhere in the US, Or $50 for local pickup Fee In ... [more info]

    Ruby is one of our CAVA POO PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OHIO!
    9 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 10-16 lbs


    Ruby is one of our CAVA POO PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OHIO! - 9 week old Cava Poo

Cava Poo Puppies For Sale In Ohio


          The CavaPoo puppy is a hybrid breed that first appeared in United States of America, having as parents the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. The Cava Poo pup is a wonderful puppy who gathered from both all their beautiful features and characteristics, resulting in a gorgeous puppy with a fur, with a way to be sweet just like the Cavalier and a hypoallergenic coat inherited from the Poodle.

            To make sure that you buy a really CavaPoo puppy which has kennel parents, we recommend buying by accessing the website Affordable Pup, which is a breeder of purebred Cava Poo, and sell these puppies in Ohio and the nearby cities such as: Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

             This small puppy size of only a few pounds, has a fluffy coat that can vary from right to wavy or curly, and may be of different colors like: white, beige, brick, brown, black or combination of these colors, with a tick superb toy head which is highlighted by his big lugs that covers it face.

            The CavaPoo, the puppy toy, is very gentle and sociable, both with children and strangers, who loves to play. It is very energetic and worshiping to do a show for others, to play, to bark, to roll over and do many other things very funny, also demonstrating that it is a smart dog what makes it to be trained easily.

            The CavaPoo puppies are very affectionate and love its owners so much that almost always chase them, who loves to hang around them, and therefore, suffer greatly when they are missing, especially for long periods. So, to reward us when we get back home after missing several hours, for example, we can indulge it by getting out in the park, because the Cava Poo breed loves walks, where we can take advantage of the ride and we can play together, and when we can not indulge it so we can do it at home, where we can take advantage of the time, with patience and kindness, to train it, teaching it a variety of tricks.

           The Cava Poo puppy is a dog toy and therefore you should be careful with their diet because it may have a tendency to gain weight and can develop dental problems that can result in tooth loss, thus, to protect it better, you must give it dry food, special created for it, meaning quality food that contain all the nutrients it needs.

            The Cava Poo puppy’s fur should be brushed frequently as it tends to get tangled. Brushing has the function to remove dirt which the fur gathers, especially, around the legs, also should be cut regularly for a hygiene puppy. The fur should be cut several times a year and as we said more on legs, pout and eyes, needing and bath once a month because its fur is a real vacuum cleaner.

           The CavaPoo puppy is healthy, in general, but to be sure of this, you have to be careful from where you buy it, to ensure that the reproduction has been done properly, with healthy specimens, because there are a lot of diseases which can be inherited from them. It is better to adopt CavaPoo puppies only from authorized locations such as http://affordablepup.com, where we will certainly get a healthy puppy and where you will find CavaPoo puppies for sale in Ohio. If no rules are respected at the reproduction, the Cava Poo baby may suffer from various diseases which he inherits from the parents, such as epilepsy, heart disease, eye problems, cataracts or other ear problems and more. A well cared Cava Poo can live about 14 years and some specimens reach up to 20 years.

          The Cava Poo pup is a beautiful and cute puppy that no matter how busy you are or what problems you have, will make you smile and brighten your day.

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